Introducing SustainableUX

“SustainableUX is exists to enlist the people who design and build digital services in the fight against climate change.”

Also, “It’s a newsletter (and sometimes a conference)”.

I started SustainableUX because I wanted to do something to apply my UX skills to climate change but couldn’t see how. I guessed that there were other people who felt similarly. And here you are, reading this (thanks).

Who’s it for?

Anyone working on digital product: owners, product managers, coders, content strategists, UX researchers and designers.

Aside: shouldn’t it be called “Sustainable Product” though?

UX is dead (no, it isn’t). But the name is staying the same for now: rebranding is hard work.

What topics does SustainableUX cover?

We’ll consider any topic as long as it a) is relevant to people working on digital products & services and b) that it is relevant to the environment somehow.

Some aspects are maybe obvious: how we work, how design decisions have energy-use implications, and what our products do. Others are more abstract - like understanding attitudes and behaviors around climate issues, or how we find purpose in our work. We take a broad view because we recognize that all roles are different and not all methods will apply to what you do or your company.

Past topics broadly fall into these buckets:

  • Digital design, and it’s impact on the climate

  • How we work, finding purpose

  • Infrastructure & technology: why is the internet so polluting anyway?

  • Behavior change; attitudes and beliefs

For a lot more detail, check out this post : “What is SustainableUX, anyway?

Who writes this?

James Christie, that’s who. I wrote an article about sustainable web design for A List Apart in 2013 and have been developing this topic ever since. I’m currently not on social media.

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You can subscribe for free, although if you take the paid option I’ll write more often, promise.

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